iOS5 Beta 3 Released

12/07/11 – iOS5 Beta 3 was released last night and I get dibs on it first hand! The first thing is that for the iPad now there’s assistive touch where when you touch parts of the screen you can assign functions like orientation lock and volume. Also there’s now option to set custom ringtones (Not iTunes songs, just custom 30 second ringers) for Text messages, email, voicemail and more which is a nice feature. I think we all are tired of having the same SMS tone as everyone in the stadium. In beta 2 FaceTime wasn’t working but it’s now working again in beta 3. In settings it’s really where the features are at. You can now really configure location based services so for e.g You can have it on for cell network search but you can turn location services off for iAd location based advertisements and traffic. There’s also now voice roaming option so when you go abroad you can turn off the ability to place phone calls along with data. Wi-Fi sync has also been renamed to “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync”. When you enter the music app you will be prompted that you can find your movies, TV-Shows and Music videos in the new Video app. One new possible bug I have is that in iTunes even though Ireland doesn’t have licensing deals with the labels I have the purchases tab both there and in settings I can turn it on. Since all my tracks on the music app there doesn’t appear to be options. Chances are this is probably a bug. However as more features come to light I will keep you updated.

Article by Lee-Loi Chieng,

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