Meet Tim Cook, the New CEO of Apple

Meet Tim Cook, the New CEO Of Apple. But before we talk all about Him I want to give my opinion on the transition. There isn’t going to be a problem. Steve Jobs is still going to be running the big operations like iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and maybe even the new iMac however he will be stepping down on day to day. That means he wont be doing much in: “Giving the MacBook Air a speed bump” If there’s any problems or if Tim Feels he’s doing something wrong he can always ask Steve. Steve is still to retain his position on the Board and he is still sticking with Pixar. I wrote this on Google Plus and Twitter and my blog but here it is again:

“Apple is Steve Jobs other child. One that always is going to need nurturing no matter the age and even when it gets to 21 and leaves the house you just can’t completely let go.

“I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.” – Quote in the letter

He’s still the person you call when I suppose in normal terms “Working away when the power trips and you need to call that special person to tell you which button to reset” and Tim Cook is Smart enough and more importantly trained enough almost in Parent terms by Steve to know if he thinks he’s doing something wrong that Steve is just a phone call or a FaceTime away.

Steve Jobs wouldn’t leave the Company if he had any doubt at all. I wish Steve the best in his retiring years and I look forward to seeing any new developments or updates he has to offer. ”

So now Tim Cook is CEO Of Apple. I don’t think Any troubles are up ahead. Tim took over back in 2009 when Steve had failing liver and again in 2011. In the time frame of 2009 he delivered OS X Snow Leopard, the iPhone 3Gs along with the iPhone 3.0 Software and updated MacBook Pros and MacBooks. Everything he did was a success. For his success he was both compensated and given stock. Before being CEO he was COO of Apple. Along with Apple he is on the board of directors with Nike. Given several awards including the top spot of Out Magazine’s fifth annual “Power 50” List of LGBT People. And after all that, I think we can finally say: Tim Cook, Good Luck at Apple!

Article by Lee-Loi Chieng, Image: Apple PR Bios Images

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