RIP Steve Jobs

If you haven’t heard: On October 5th 2011, Steve Jobs passed away. At the age of 56 he will always be remembered as the finest CEO around in the 21st century and how his products shaped our culture. Think about it, before the iPhone: Did you know what a Smartphone was? Before the iPad: Didn’t you think only doctors used a forbidden tech called a “Tablet”. Before the iPod Touch I carried around a portable DVD Player. The first Apple product I ever got was a 16GB iPod Touch in Christmas 2007 along with the entire Season 1 of Heroes. I knew what I was going to use it for, my portable DVD Player. I used to hate having to carry around DVDs and I loved watching Video so I knew right away, with it’s widescreen capabilities, it was for me. In May 2008 , I got my first Mac: A 2008 17” MacBook Pro I still have today. With its Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Nvidia Graphics. The same year in Christmas 08’ I got my first iPhone, the iPhone 3G.

In 2009, at christmas I got a 13” MacBook pro and in 2010 I got an iPhone 4 and an iPad. In 2011, I got an iPad 2 and MacBook Air and now I plan to get a iPhone 4S.

Steve was such an amazing man to me and had such an imact on my life that the best way to describe it to you’s, was in this video I made, my Steve Jobs retrospective which can be viewed below.

I’ll miss you Steve Jobs,

Love Lee-Loi Chieng,

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