TotalFinder Review

Total finder is a shareware application that turns your finder into a tabbed experience. The tab experience is based on Google Chromes Browser tab function. This application is extremely useful especially for productivity and found when doing tasks like Video Editing where I did new several windows open on one space, instead I could have all of the windows I need all tabbed into one as seen in the slideshow. For normal usage it’s handy especially if your doing word processing and you need to jump between folders like your images and document folder. instead of a cluttered desktop and using the expose feature and constantly swiping 4 fingers on your trackpad I really enjoy just having my finder experience in one window, it’s also handy because you really get to bring your browsing habits to the normal desktop like how it should be. The only problems I did find is if I open a new window (CMD + N) and that opens my Home folder and I click on Movies for example, When I press the back button or swipe my fingers it doesn’t take me back to the Home folder, If I open my Movies folder then another folder and swipe back I can only go as far the Movies folder and not back to the home folder which I find to be a little frustrating and maybe just a bug that can be fixed in a small patch update. The best thing and probably one of the reasons this was developed for Mac was because it was so easy to install and it integrates quite well. Firstly when I installed it when it told me it was installing frameworks and kexts I was thinking this would require a reboot especially for a core application. Well absolutely not, it just relaunched the finder and the tabbed experience kicked in instantly. Along with it kicking in there are new hot keys so like on your browser (CMD+T) opens a new Tab, it’s the same case in Finder, it’s fantastic!. Now it does change the finder icon and adds a menu bar icon but I opt out of both in the preferences. Next point, I love how total finder is in the preferences tab, I mean i’ve never seen a program like this integrate so well into the Core of the operating system. ( I mean I think I installed a media player codec into windows 7 once and it asked me to restart. ) Total Finder has a 14 day free trial on the website and to purchase the program it’s $15. Well worth the investment and I’m giving it the 5 / 5.

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