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Google IO 2012: The Who, What, Where, Why?

In Moscone Center, today the 28Th and yesterday the 27Th Google held two keynotes highlighting their projects. When  I say that I just mean Android and chrome. Before I continue, it was like Christmas for Tech developers that went to

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Microsoft: “Where do we go from here?”

The battle’s done, And we kind of won, So we sound our victory cheer, Where do we go from here?   I’ve been meaning to write this posting all week but got tied up with a certain “Super-phone” (Check the reviews section) but on

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Reviewed: Samsung Galaxy S3

I give an exclusive review of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the hottest smartphone out there at the moment. I run through all of it’s features, gives it’s pros and cons and my general recommendation. Featuring a 4.8″ HD AMOLED screen

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